Life science is at the core of innovation in the 21st century. Technologies in “omics” science are revolutionizing the way we conduct our research and take care of patients. However, several conglomerates in the field own these technologies, stifling innovations and limiting competition.

Our goal at Lifengine is to make essential day-to-day techniques in life science like genome engineering accessible to any laboratory that aspires to make new discoveries. We intend to be the solution providers for innovators and scientists.


Lifengine provides genome engineering and essential technologies for life science. We innovate core technologies (what they are) and processes (how we do it) with intent of delivering reliable solutions.


Lifengine began as a discussion group of graduate students, post-docs, and professors. We wanted to develop genome engineering solutions and technologies in biomedical science that are accessible and able to empower individual laboratories to pursue their research missions.

As we developed our first easy-to-use genome engineering solution (FusX: one step TALE assembly system, Human Gene Therapy, 2016) and genotyping solution (ASQ for accurate and cost-effective genotyping, Human Gene Therapy, 2016), we established a partnership with OpenTrons.

Using the OpenTrons robotic system as our platform, we are poised to deliver laboratory solutions that are reliable, accessible, and carefree.